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I was trying to come up with a blog name that covered my non-niche.  When I was exploring a blog name I tried to think of all that things that I love or do well.  I came up with

  • vacations and travel
  • parenting
  • health and nutrition
  • RV’ing/camping
  • eating
  • future retirement

I felt like I was just coming up with what everyone else was doing and couldn’t come up with a specific niche that I wouldn’t become bored with.  I did an internet search to find words that I could alliterate or rhyme with Jill.

Somehow, I stumbled upon the word well.

I thought, “Well!…well covers a lot of ground.  It is deep, it flows, it comes in many different shapes and sizes.  It can also mean being well in the sense of health and wellness.  The Encarta Dictionary describes the word well as, “a source providing a freely and abundantly available supply of something.”  Ha! That’s it, I have an available supply of something.   So, there it is…the story of how Jill’s Well was born.