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Off to Spain She Goes!

It is a sad day for me today.  I am taking my one and only daughter, Shannon, to the airport to study in Spain for four long months.  I will miss talking to her every day, playing Trivial Pursuit and just hanging.   On the other hand, it is such an exciting day for her to be jetting off to Europe. She will get there a day before the majority of the students so she will have time to acclimate herself before everyone arrives.

We are planning to do some Skyping (is that a verb now?).  Hopefully, homesickness will not be too rough on her.   Nathan and I will be going over to visit her in May.  I am still waiting to get the okay from work; they are considering giving me the month of May off (which would be ideal).  I have a Plan B in place, just in case I can only get two weeks off.  I will get the word from work mid-February.  Yay!  Another trip to Europe for me and a first trip for my DH.

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