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The Epitome of Hamper

I learned all about hamper during one of the classes I took at marilu.com. Hamper is basically anything you continue to live with even though it is not in the working condition it once was. It could be a broken or missing cabinet knob, a shade with a bad pull, or a cracked dish. It could even be a computer that is duct-taped together and set in a homemade base to keep the screen from completely falling off.  It’s DH’s, so hamper it will stay for now.

Hamper Nuisance

The hamper item I am dealing with now is eyeglasses in various states of disrepair. Out of four pairs of glasses, two are missing a nosepiece, one has lost its screw rendering them unwearable and the fourth pair are just plain lost. I took this picture a month ago and still haven’t fixed them. Maybe today… I’ve got eight weeks to locate the missing sunglasses for the vacation that will be here before I know it.

Marilu teaches that when you are ready to tackle all things hamper, it is best to walk around your house with a tablet and pen. Looking high and low, jot down everything that you have been living with that needs to be fixed or replaced. Once you have your list in hand, you are ready to tackle each item one by one.

What is the most hamper thing you continue to live with without fixing?