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Shannon has been doing a stellar job of blogging about her experiences during her study abroad program in Sevilla, Spain. Each day is turning out to be better than the last, which was also a great day.  While it seems like just yesterday that we were packing up the car with three pieces of luggage and then sending her through airport security all alone, she is now one month into her adventure.

It is so amazing how blogging can connect people together even though they are half way across the world.  I love the detail that Shannon goes into, allowing us to feel like we are right there with her.

I write this post to share Shannon’s blog link so you can learn about Spain as she learns about Spain, its customs, its culture, and its people. Visit her blog by clicking here; it is appropriately called Set Sail and See the World, which is exactly what she is doing.

Check out the blog and share what you enjoyed the most, thought was the funniest or was most interesting to you.