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How many email subscriptions are really necessary? Have you ever signed up for email subscriptions only to never even open a good portion of them once they hit your inbox? When you check your emails, do you hit the delete button more often than actually opening and reading them?

For fun, I poked around my email account and discovered that:

  • 120 emails on average are received daily
  • 2149 emails currently reside in the trash bin
  • of those, only 408 emails have actually been opened, looked at and/or read
  • the other 1741 were deleted, completely unopened

It is super easy to drop an email address into any box that says “Subscribe here,” “Enter email for special offers,” “Join now,” or “Follow me.”  Can you relate?

If there is something I am even slightly interested in, or am hoping to get some sort of discount code, you can count me IN. As a result, my finger goes numbs as I hit the delete button. All the while hoping to not delete something of some major significance. Not to mention the time that is wasted every…single…day.

It is officially over.  I just spent two hours unsubscribing from over half of the items that I delete daily.  Want to join me?

How many useless emails do you receive daily? Can you clean up your email account so you only receive what is necessary? What email subscription can you live without?  Do share what you have discovered.