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Smoothie Prep, with labels

Morning: I woke up hungry this morning.  I hope I am not feeling hungry all day. Around 9:00, I was feeling a little anxious over the eating thing. I don’t like to be hungry so that was on my mind. It turns out that I was hungry at my usual time 10:30.  A smoothie for breakfast has been the norm for 12 years now, so no transition needed.  My 1st snack went well.  Two smoothies down so far.

Pretty in the glasses

Afternoon: I have Spicy Bok Choy soup for lunch.  It is actually a smoothie but it is savory so Ani calls it a soup.  Good thing, psychologically, I don’t think I could just do smoothies even that’s what they are.  I really enjoyed the taste of my soup.  I started craving candy like crazy around 3:30. I ignored it. I didn’t feel hungry at 4:00, but starving with a growling stomach at 4:15, which is when I ate snack #2.

Evening: I put off slicing and dicing until 8:30 pm. Probably too late to eat, but it is what it is. The tomato bisque was excellent. I probably could have whipped it together in five minutes, but it an additional 10 minutes looking for my lost nutritional yeast in the fridge. Yes, I did find it…right where I put it. I am not going to eat the evening snack. Maybe a little rebellious on my part, plus I didn’t eat until about 8:45. I am not looking forward to the work of preparing tomorrow’s smoothies. Much too organized for me. I am looking forward to my strawberry smoothie in the morning though.

Today’s weight: 149.5# I weigh in the morning.

Are you joining me? If so, how did you do today?

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