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Breakfast – Simple Strawberry Shake

Morning: I prepped today’s food last night. I made was making the wrong shake while chatting with DD. I blended it and froze it for later this week. It took about 30 minutes to make the three drinks, plus 15 minutes of clean-up time. I drank my breakfast on the way to work. I had the Simple Strawberry Shake for breakfast. I did not like it with the vanilla; next time I will use cinnamon intead. Around 10:30, I had my first snack of the Apple Green Mar-tea-ni. Next time, I would use less ginger. I woke up with a headache as I entered Day 2 with no caffeine.

Lunch – Spicy Avocado Soup

Afternoon: I so messed up. This soup was supposed to be Ginger Soup. I guess I started the prep process too late in the night. The first couple of bites (used a spoon) tasted excellent. About a third of the way down, I was over that soup and savory green shakes in general. AND…I am only midway through Day 2. I will be so glad when the detox is over and I can go back to chewing my food.

Dinner – Minestrone Soup

Evening: I have not been pre-making my evening food since I have the time when I get done with work. I have yet to make my dinner. I have been home for an hour and just don’t want to slice and dice and then eat a savory soup. It took me ten minutes to slice, dice, blend and clean up. I am really craving candy, tortilla chips, crackers or something just to chew on. I will go for the green tea instead.

Today’s Weight: 148.0# (-1.0# today, -1.0# total) -since July 2nd

I’m messing around with my pictures.  Anyone have an opinion if they like the text next to the smaller pic or the larger pic with the text below?

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