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Grapefruit with Cinnamon

Morning:  The first three days really had their ups and downs.  My weight is down, so that’s great. I am soooo excited to eat and chew food today. This is actually snack number one for the day. The picture of the grapefruit with cinnamon is exactly as it looks, less than appetizing. However, looks are deceiving and it really hit the chewing spot.   Yum!

Afternoon: My lunch salad was fantastic! It was the Easy Being Green Salad on page 133 of the Fat Blast book. Whoever thought a green salad with sauerkraut and corn would be good? Surprisingly, it was. I learned a great tip at the salad bar on my cruise that I now use at home. Put all of the ingredients into a bowl, along with the dressing, then cut it many times with the pizza cutter. The salad was mixed together perfectly and tasted great.

I wasn’t ready to go back to eating a shake for the afternoon snack after my great (chewed) lunch. Even though the shake was again green, it did not contain avocado, and I do like strawberry and kale together, so it did not disappoint.

Red Pepper Soup

Evening: This was an easy soup to whip up and was very tasty, even though it was missing the sprouts. My store hasn’t been able to get them for a couple of months.

Now that I am chewing food, I find that I am having cravings and feeling like I just want to eat anything. I haven’t, but I sure am tempted.

I have discovered so many good recipes in the Fat Blast book that I will imagine I will keep them a part of my regular diet. Even though I am down 3# today, I don’t look or feel it. My pants aren’t any looser and my stomach is not any smaller.  All in good time, I guess.

Today’s Weight: 146.5#  (-.5# today, -3.0# total)

How did your day go today? Did you eat any raw foods today?

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