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Banana Shake

Morning:  I’ve had a smoothie for breakfast nearly every day for the last twelve years. I have now learned how easy it is to whip an even healthier breakfast smoothie together. I never used a full cup of greens and I used juice as my liquid.  In the future, I will be adding more greens, and using filtered water or green tea instead.

Blueberries and Pomegranate Seeds

Afternoon: It took so long to eat my morning blueberry snack that I wasn’t even hungry until mid-afternoon. The blueberry snack had pomegranate seeds which made it difficult to eat. After my complaining the last couple of days, now I wish I would have made the blueberry salad into a smoothie. Lunch was another excellent salad.

Snack #2 at 6pm

Evening: I am beginning to get a little lax and am making some substitutions. For instance: putting strawberries in my pineapple smoothie, skipping the sprouts (don’t have any, can’t get any), using hemp seed instead of flax. Hopefully, my substitutions won’t affect my weight too negatively.

I only had four meals again today. My eating schedule gets really messed up when it takes me almost an hour to eat. Yes, I am very slow. I ate way late tonight, 11 pm. I had a small cup of last night’s soup leftovers. I just could not do the Kreamy Dill Soup that was on the schedule for tonight.

Weight: 146#      (-.5 today, -3.5 total) -since July 2nd

Did you have a good eating day today?

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