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Pineapple Coconut

Banana Hemp

Morning: I have been caffeine free since Monday. Oh, how I miss my habit of having coffee every day. Had a glass of lemon water to start my day instead. I forgot the cocoa powder in my banana drink. Oops. I didn’t have flax meal, so used hemp meal instead; it tasted just fine. The morning snack was a chewing snack, calling for two cups of pineapple. I can’t eat that much food at one time, so i used one cup of pineapple and made it into a smoothie.

Afternoon:  This was my second try at the Asian Cabbage Salad.  I liked it better this time around. It takes a long time to chew cabbage though. I even ate lunch on time today, so my eating schedule is normal today.

Coconut Tomato Soup

Evening:  I went to the grocer today. There is so much food that I would like to eat, but it is all just junk-tortilla chips (MISS them soooo much), crackers, cookies (and I am not a cookie person). It was all very tempting, but I have come so far that I had to look the other way and rush myself right out of there.

Today’s Weight: 145.5# (-.5# today, -4.0# total) -since July 2nd

How tempting is the junk food for you?  Do you say just say no?

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