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Matcha w/strawberry

Candy Apple

Morning: I have bigger dark puffy circles under my eyes this morning. I have this occasionally, today they are really noticeable, maybe it’s just the detox. I used chia seeds in my matcha shake this morning, added strawberries too. It just seemed too boring with just a banana and tea. I ate my chewing snack as a smoothie again, seems easier and more portable than eating with a utensil.

Corn Basil Mesclun Salad

Snack 2 Smooth Operator

Afternoon:  I am rating today’s Snack 2, the Smooth Operator shake, a one on a scale of zero to ten. I put cayenne pepper in it to see if that would improve it; it didn’t. I drank a quarter of it and dumped the rest. This is really the first shake that I haven’t liked, not including that one avocado shake (which tasted good, but just couldn’t get it down). Not bad out of the eighteen shakes/soups I’ve had in the past seven days.

Souper Supper

Evening:  Dinner was ok. More green with avocado. I am getting used to eating room temperature soups. Earlier this week, I took my fresh ginger, chopped it an placed it in the freezer. I am finding that this is a real time-saver. For the first time ever, I bought some fresh vanilla bean-can hardly wait to use it in tomorrow’s shake.

Today’s Weight: 145.0#   (-.5# today  today, -4.5# total) -since July 2nd (6 days)

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