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Vanilla Blue Shake

RWB Salad/Shake

Morning:  Yay! I am now officially half way through the program. I’m happy to say that I am feeling good, still caffeine-free, and my pants are now loose-fitting. I really enjoyed both of Ani’s shakes this morning. I drank Snack #1 very late. In fact, I didn’t finish it until 12:30.

Kreamy (not) Chipotle Salad with Cashew Dressing

Afternoon:   I was looking forward to trying the raw cashew dressing and it did not disappoint. I liked the sweet taste of the light miso that I used. The photo is labeled “(not) Chipotle” because I am too cheap to spend the money on Chipotle Powder. It took me so long to eat the salad that it messed up the timing of Snack #2.

Kreamy Cuke Shake

Evening: Well, I fell off the Ani bandwagon tonight for two reasons. Even though I had all the ingredients, I wasn’t that thrilled about zucchini spaghetti. I am not sure why, as I would normally look forward to this meal. Secondly, I drank Snack #2 so late (6:00 pm) that I just didn’t want a big meal at 8:30 pm. I ended up having cherries and nuts.  The nuts weren’t raw, but at least I didn’t cave into those lovely, crunchy chips and homemade salsa that I have been craving.

Fell off the Ani wagon for this

Today’s weight:  145.5# (up .5# today,  4# down total) since July 2nd.  I was wondering if that 145# was real yesterday.

Tomorrow is a new day to climb back up onto that wagon.

Did you stick to it today or fall of the bandwagon like I did?