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Basil Tropical Fruit Salad

Morning: I woke up with a little less weight again this morning, which motivates me to continue on.  This salad was  morning snack #2. It consisted of bananas, grapefruit, basil and strawberries. The unique taste of this salad was delish! To serve at a dinner party, I would add a splash of vodka to it.

Shredded Sesame Salad

Afternoon:One thing that is working well with Ani’s food is that I eat a lot slower. During work, I eat at my desk; sometimes it takes me upwards of an hour to eat the servings. I don’t know if that is good or bad.  Next time around, I would add some jalapenos to spice it up.

Evening: I really had a great day of eating, only to have it topped off by this fantastic dinner; the Mixed Veggie Seaweed Rolls. The picture is before the rolls are wrapped. The recipes by Ani are consistently tasty which makes it easy to stick with it. I am a little sad that Day 11 is  gone already. It would sure be fun to get a group of people together on a vacation or retreat for fifteen days to do the Ani’s Fat Blast together. That would be awesome.  Too bad that work gets in the way.

Do you have any weekend activities that are going to get in your way of clean eating?

Today’s Weight: 143.5# (-.5 down today, -6.0# total) since July 2nd