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Morning:  It’s seems to be all about improvising lately.  The morning snack called for a Peach Crumble.  I imagine Ani wants us to begin eating food that is similar to the rest of America.  I decided to take my peaches (well, nectarines), cut them up, and eat them from a bowl with dates and walnuts.  I liked my way better.

Afternoon:  I LOVED my lunch today.  It was an Italian Salad and tasted very Italian…according to my Midwestern taste buds.  The avocado was a bit mushy; I would suggest using an avocado that is more firm for this salad. 

Evening:  I began my evening with lots of anxiety because we unexpectedly decided to go out tonight.  I found this out around 4:00 and immediately wondered how I was going to make dinner work.  Dinner tonight was marinated mushrooms served in a collard green wrap. I do not have any collards so I decided to mix the ingredients up in a bowl and just eat it that way.  Phew! Problem averted.

Weight: 144.5# (up 1# today, down 5# total) since July 2nd.  I am not too concerned.  I did not eat anything that wasn’t on the menu today; in fact, I am still not eating that 6th meal.  I imagine my body is trying to figure out its new set point for my weight, so I am expecting fluctuations like this periodically.