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Morning:  This was the Avocado Shake. I was thinking, “Oh, no…not another avocado based shake.” This wasn’t just an avocado shake; there were strawberries in it too. It actually turned out to be good, and nothing like the Day 3 Avocado Soup that I had a hard time getting down.  Snack 1 was a raw Fudge Brownie.  It was best after it sat a day, but was very rich. I could only eat three quarters of it. See picture of it at the end of this post.

Afternoon:  Lunch was the Fennel Slaw. It was supposed to be made with Daikon, but evidently, it is not in season right now. I substituted radishes, and used my Spirooli to shred both. This was a  tasty salad that could not be eaten quickly, as lots of chewing was required. Because this salad took quite a long time to prepare, I wasn’t ever going to make it again…until I tasted it. This is definitely a keeper recipe.

One wrapped up, one not-so you can get a good look

Evening: Dinner was another time-consuming affair, but well worth it. I made the pesto using fresh basil leaves from our garden. DH had dinner with me and gave it a thumbs up. Tomorrow will be the last day of Ani’s pre-planned menu. I am a little nervous about being left to my own devices shortly. I just may have to cycle back through the program.

Fudge Brownie

Weight today: 143.5#  (1# down, 6# total) since July 2nd

Are you having a good weekend?  What is the best food you ate today?