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Morning:  I had the Beauty Berry Shake for breakfast. We were running off transport my daughter to The Color Run this morning so I forgot to take a picture of my Beauty Berry Shake. It called for just strawberries,  but  seemed kind of boring were a little so I added blueberries. The shake was then excellent. Snack #1 was trail mix bars that I made into balls, which made this a very portable snack. It was filled with nuts: almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds. It called for pumpkins seeds; I had none so I went without.

Afternoon: By the time we returned from The Color Run, I was pretty hungry. Lunch was Cumin Slaw. I liked it well enough except the tomatoes. The slaw was crunchy and the tomatoes were soft. I would substitute red peppers for the tomatoes next time around.

Make Your Own Mushroom Rolls

Dinner:  Dinner was Mushroom Rolls with Root Rice, but without the Root Rice. I forgot about the dinner recipe when I was at the co-op this morning. My husband and I enjoyed these out on our patio tonight while enjoying the nice, warm summer evening. I had watermelon for an evening snack.

Tomorrow is the BIG day! I was concerned about having to decide my own meals from here on out. I ended up picking some of my favorites and will go with those.  The meal plan in place and ready to go for both Monday and Tuesday.  I will continue on with a raw food diet.

Weight: 143.5# (0# down, 6# total) since July 2nd

Did you try a new food this weekend?  My new food was the fennel yesterday.