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I was sitting out at the campground tonight thinking how great it would be to munch on the Chinese Rice cracker mix I brought.  I knew I wasn’t hungry, but it would just be good to munch on something.  There’s calories involved with that munching and that was a norm in the not too distant past.  I went without the crackers tonight and it didn’t even make a difference. I was better off without the crackers than the mindless eating of them. I do miss the C.R.U.N.C.H. though.

Today’s Menu:

-Banana Split Smoothie
-Italian Salad
-Cherries and Sunflower Nuts
-Carrot Ginger Soup
-Leftover Stir-fry (1/4 cup)

J’s Banana Split Smoothie
Serves 1
1 Banana
1/4 Cup Pineapple
1/2 Cup Strawberries
3/4 Cup Spinach
2 tsp Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp Coconut Oil
1/4 cup almonds
3/4 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Ice

Soak almonds overnight in water, drain. Mix all ingredients in blender until smooth.

I am down another 1/2# today to 141.5#.  That is a total of 8# on Ani’s and 19# for since Jan. 1st, 2012.