Breakfast Smoothie

This will be my last official daily entry for my Ani’s 15 Day Fat Blast project. I will be experimenting with recipes and will post those, if they are worthy.  I will post other things that I find interesting, and hopefully you will think they are too.

Today, I am camping. It was a bit of a challenge to prepare my food.  This was the first time trying to pre-prepare food to bring along for two days.  I forgot to pull out my packing list, and as it turned out, I forgot to bring eleven items from my list. I had to run to the grocer for things I already had at home: apple cider vinegar, mint, basil, corn tortillas (for DD), and regular vinegar to wash my fruits and veggies.

Yum…Asian Slaw

The two college girls went to the casino buffet to eat as they had been dreaming about that for days. I’m staying back with the adults to eat the Ani’s Asian Slaw I made for lunch. I used pre-cut carrot pieces from the store, which was helpful. I added jalapenos to spice it up a bit.

Today’s Menu

-Strawberry, Avo, Spinach, & Orange Shake
-Peanuts and Cherries
-Asian Salad
-Tortilla Chips
-Easy Being Green Salad
-2 Glasses Reisling

So…here was my downfall but they looked so good. One serving: 11 chips and stopped. After I ate them and for two hours later I felt bloated. Blagh! Then later I had some other kind of tortilla chips. More Blagh! Lesson learned? Hmmm…

Since I am camping, I cannot weigh today.  I hope those chips didn’t do me in.

How do you prepare your food menu for when you are away from home?

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