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Bad food does indeed beget bad food.  Many times, we just don’t notice this because we are partaking in mindless eating as a daily way of life.

Here is what happened to me I chose to eat this weekend. It all started with the Dorito chips on Saturday evening. The next day, Sunday, sandwiches were on the menu for everyone but me. I was going for the Easy Being Green Salad. However, the sandwiches just looked soooo good, I just had to have one. In that one thought and poorly decisive moment, I went from gluten-free and clean to eating wheat, dairy and nitrates. Later in the day, this was followed by rice crackers…

and then a few dark chocolate chips.

This weekend reminds me of something I noticed a few years ago. I was on a cruise and began the weekend eating healthy, fish and veggies. Throughout the weekend, I let the bad food creep in. By the end of the weekend, the salmon and broccoli didn’t even look good to me.

The good news?  I have five Ani’s meals ready to go for today.

Do you find that bad food begets bad food?  Your downfall is?