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I thought I would put an update out there of how I am doing three weeks after I completed the Ani’s 15 Day Fat Blast Program.

As of this morning, my weight is 143.5# and has been holding there for the last couple of weeks.  My lowest weight during the Fat Blast was 141.5# (if I recall correctly).

I know my body is trying to find it’s set point for my weight.  I will be happy if I can stay here for a while, then try to lose a little more in the fall.

I am still eating Ani’s Fat Blast meals 70% of the time.  The Watermelon Grapefruit Salad is one of my favorites, which I’ve eaten for my Snack #1 several times over the last few weeks. For breakfast, I continue on with Ani’s shakes and adaptations of them.

I also love the Spicy Bok Choy Soup, Cucumber Cilantro Soup, and the Tomato Bisque.

I am happy to report that:

I am feeling better/lighter.

I have a better attitude toward my body.

My pants are actually loose.

I’ve moved down to a smaller pant size.

My stomach is much smaller.

I am still mostly gluten free (85%).

I can tuck in a shirt and not look hideous.

I can cross my legs.

My stomach no longer lays in my lap.

I am still spending time preparing my meals (because preparation is truly the key).

Life is good!

How are things going with you?