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Train Wreck or Re-Balancing?

It’s been one month and three days since Day 15 of Ani’s Fat Blast program. My one day low weight was 141# and today I weighed in at 145#. I realize both #’s are just one day numbers (hopefully).

Now that I am not following the spelled-out program, I am trying to figure out what to eat. From a macrobiotic perspective, supposedly a person is not supposed to eat strictly raw for more than a few days (so that gets me wondering). Cooked food is not really appealing to me, but I have been eating it because someone else is doing the cooking. I don’t miss the two hours of food prep every day, nor do I miss the produce shopping twice a week.

My concern is that the weight that is adding back on. I have been eating some gluten and both feel and see how it affects my stomach. It’s bloated and bigger. It was looking so good for a while; today is another story. That tells me the gluten really needs to be out. I gave up Donut Wednesday at work since the last week in June. I turned down bagels for my birthday work celebration. I did have a piece of pizza last night which caused immediate bloat and stomach distress. Cliff Bars probably aren’t serving me well either.

Even worse, I did have a binge on Good and Plenties. That definitely did not work, so the sugar has to be eaten sparingly.

What I did find while eating on Ani’s program was that I was not ever really hungry and I did not crave sugar. I have let the two snacks go unless I have enough food in the house. I really need to add them back in.

It is hard to be motivated to get back to planning, slicing and dicing to get back on track. It is time-consuming, yet is necessary and worth it.  I’m torn between how much raw and how much cooked.  It leaves me with not even wanting to eat at all, which I know isn’t really an option.  Agh…what to do, what to do?