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When you are hungry, do you have something immediately available to eat? Or, do you head for the nearest vending machine to get something quick that isn’t going to be a healthy food choice?

I may have been faced with this exact scenario if I had not come to work prepared today. Even though I was prepared, I was far from excited to eat what was in the lunch bag. I made Ani’s nice looking Vietnamese Cabbage Salad last night, but when I tasted it this morning, it did not taste good to me. Grasping at a way to make it appealing in the two minutes remaining before leaving for work, I hastily topped it off with Steven Raichlen’s Sliced Cucumber Salad. This sweet cuke salad/slaw concoction became even more unappealing. I reluctantly brought it to work anyway as I knew my day would turn into a bad eating day very quickly if I wasn’t prepared. Turns out, my mixture wasn’t so bad after all. Note to self: It may not seem appealing now, but when you are hungry, it will taste just fine.

It doesn’t look so bad after all. Tasted pretty good too.

Ways to be prepared:
Plan meals and snacks ahead of time.
Bring a snack even if you may not eat it.
Pre-measure snacks.
Carry nuts or dried fruit with you.
Keep a Lara Bar or other raw food bar handy.

How do you keep prepared?