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Moso Big Shoots

Moso Big Shoots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had never really thought about bamboo shoots until DH brought home a can from the local Asian market.  We wanted to make a the Taiwanese Vegetable Thick Soup recipe we learned about from a great blog called Asian Vegan Eats.  I had always purchased them pre-cut into slices (like you find in canned chow mein).

Not at pretty on the can as they are in the ground

I thought I would do a Google search to learn a little about bamboo shoots.

Interesting tidbits about the bamboo plant:

-Have been around in Asia for over 2500 years
-Are 70% water
-Contains 2.5g of protein per 100g serving
-Rich in phytochemicals
-Improves digestion
-Is used for medicinal purposes such as reducing inflammation
-Has anti-bacterial properties

Okay, so I didn’t find out much, but it was more than I knew before I performed that Google search. But, the soup sure was tasty.

Our soup that we made using the bamboo shoots. YUM!