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Jitterbug BakeryEach year, I take a trip with my two girl cousins, this being the fifth annual. We started these road trips when the youngest of us turned 50, and it has been a tradition ever since. Normally, we travel to Iowa, but the eldest cousin wanted to shake things up a bit and fly somewhere this year, so we went to Savannah, GA.


Yummy Perfection!

We decided to spend a beach day on Tybee Island. In order to get a coveted parking spot, we left very early in the morning. In fact, it was so early that we left before making coffee, so that became our quest: to find a quaint little coffee shop.  As it always seems to work out, we stumbled upon the perfect coffee shop called Jitterbug Bakery. This is the type of place we like to visit during our annual weekend adventures. The best part of the Jitterbug Bakery was that they served gluten-free and vegan bakery goods. I always prefer these types of bakery goods if the choice is there.

Finding a Georgia peach while we were in Savannah was equally important to us. As luck would have it, the Jitterbug Bakery also had fabulous looking peaches, which were ripened to perfection. This perfect breakfast was a perfect way to begin our perfect day at the sunny beach of Tybee Island.

Do you have a perfect coffee shop that you enjoy?