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DSC06897 This year was the 19th year in a row that my daughter and I have attended The Nutcracker. This is the 14th year in a row that we have shared this experience with our neighbor Glenda, and her daughter Kyleen. The girls were just 8 and 13 when our tradition together started. While the girls were growing up, we would talk about when they had kids, and how their kids would join us in our tradition. Well, Kyleen’s baby girl is now ten months old. This year we were blessed with Reagan’s presence, as she attended her first annual Nutcracker with us.

Reagan ready to see The Nutcracker for her first time.

Jill, Shannon, Reagan, Kyleen and Glenda

The show was like it has always been for the last eighteen years. Short-and-sweet. One hour long-EXACTLY. We call that a pretty perfect length of time to spend watching The Nutcracker. You can’t get this length with a Broadway type performance, which is why we enjoy attending the local dance studio’s performance. The price is right too.

This particular Nutcracker production is put on by the Barbi Lee Dance Art Studio. The first show Shannon and I attended here, in the mid-’90’s, was good deal at $4.00 per ticket. The ticket price in 2012 is still a great deal at $10.00 per ticket. We always have to laugh because we go every year, yet do not know a soul in the production…and never have. We do, however, recognize names of the performers from year to year and have watched many of them grow up.  We don’t know how how long Barbi Lee will continue to put on The Nutcracker, but hope she will keep it going for a long time into the future.

Nutcrackers DSC06896_2

Nice display of Nutcrackers

Candy Canes also a tradition.  No, we didn't let Reagan eat this.

Candy Cane tradition. No, we didn’t let Reagan eat this.