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DSC07099I’m back at it, trying a new eating challenge. Receiving Somer’s blog post was timely, as I was ready to make an eating change. This particular challenge intrigued me because it would be easy for me to follow. It was reminiscent of the Ani’s program I did this past summer. I was familiar with, and actually had, the majority of the ingredients being called out. Somer’s challenge concentrates on the green, using lots of kale and spinach, whereas Ani’s  didn’t seem as green-oriented.

I started the morning with the Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie. I am not a fan of vanilla in my smoothies, but added it anyway. I would keep the vanilla out next time. I drank it down, though.

The next meal called for butternut squash soup. I am a soup-chewer, so didn’t blend the soup as directed in the recipe. Once I was eating it though, there were too many onions to chew. I halved the recipe but forgot to halve the onions, so I blended them and liked it that way much better.

Oh, one more thing…I did have some rice crackers with the soup.  I know… how will I ever lose weight if I don’t follow directions?  Psychologically, at least tonight, I couldn’t get past “no crackers” with my soup.
Butternut Squash Soup DSC07109
Butternut Squash Soup Blended

I had the Spotted Peach Smoothie next. I only drank half of it and saved the other half for tomorrow.  What!? No pic?  Oops, guess I forgot to take one.

For dinner, I didn’t follow Somer’s salad at all. The salad looks good, doesn’t it? I went back to my favorite Ani’s salad with sauerkraut and capers (without the corn). Not sure if that will mess up the weight loss, but I am still doing better than I have been for the last two months.

Day 5 Salad

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