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One day in a row…no chocolate!

Tropical Colada with KaleI have made it to Day 2 of the challenge. The tally right now is 1 day in a row of no chocolate (which was yesterday). That didn’t last long, but one day is one day, right? I ended up deciding to have a protein drink after my workout, which just happened to be chocolate soy protein powder. I just didn’t feel like the green drink would do it for my body after an intense workout at Orange Theory Fitness. I guess I’ve been convinced that I need a protein drink after a workout.

I actually feel less tired tonight. Probably from the green drinks, no caffeine, no sugar, and no wheat. Tomorrow will be my big test: Donut Wednesday. Yikes!

I didn’t have any spinach so I made the Tropical Colada with Kale and a handful of leftover spinach/arugula mix. It was okay, but the arugula has a very distinct taste. I’d skip the arugula mix next time.
Spotted Peach
My Day 2 Meals:

  • Tropical Colada
  • Ani’s Salad
  • Spotted Peach 1/2
  • Protein drink
  • Minestrone soup

DSC07132Oh, down a pound today. 🙂

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