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Back to Day 1 for no chocolate.

Is Groundhog’s Day happening here?  

Are you seeing a pattern?

I weigh myself in the morning…twice. The lowest one is the one I go with. I was down another 1/2# down this morning.It would be great if this could happen each day this week.

Green Julius DSC07148How do you like to start your day? For me, there’s no better way to start a day than with a glass of fresh lemon water. It’s so refreshing and so much better for a body than a diet Coke first step out of bed. For breakfast, I went with the Green Julius, which I LOVED.

Ani’s salad was on the lunch menu AGAIN today, which is fine, I guess.  But, I should really mix it up and try Somer’s salad dressings and add some other veggies and maybe some beans.

I do keep forgetting to drink enough water.  Oops.

I didn’t have time to make my second smoothie for the day, so the Butternut Squash Soup made for a good afternoon snack.

For dinner, I had half of a Mango Madness Smoothie.  It was just too much to drink so I saved half for work tomorrow.

Do you drink enough water each day?

Do you want to try Somer’s Green Smoothie Challenge?  If so, click here.