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It’s a Green Day today!

I was feeling sluggish, fat, full of bad sugar, and in need of some extremely healthy food today.  Green was calling me loud and clear.

For breakfast, I decided to use up what I had in my fridge. The recipe I came up with is inspired by Ani Phyo’s Pineapple Green Smoothie recipe.

Coconut Peach Green Smoothie DSC07286Coconut Peach Green Smoothie

1 cup Pineapple
1 cup Kale
juice from 1/4 lime
1/2 cup peach slices
3/4 cups coconut water
dash of cayenne
1/2 cup ice

Blend all ingredients in your most powerful blender.

This fabulous looking salad is slated for lunch, followed by Ani’s Spicy Bok Choy Soup for an afternoon snack. I can hardly wait for my day of eating to begin.
Bok Choy Soup & Salad DSC07285What is your food plan for today?