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I had three different ideas going for this week. The first was animals at their home, in the wild, which would have been okay, but nah. I then thought about the four different dorms that my daughter has called home for the past four years of her college life, but figured that would only be interesting to me.

Instead, I decided to go with my homes away from home that I found through airbnb.com this past year. My stays lasted from one day to several days, but it does become home to me for that short period of time.

This was our B&B in Sevilla, Spain. We actually had a whole two bedroom apartment to ourselves. We moved our daughter out of her dorm and stayed here for a few days. To get to our apartment, we entered the building through the archway.Then, using the winding staircase, we lugged her over-packed luggage up four flights of steps in 90+ degree weather, just because elevators freak out our daughter and me.
B&B Sevilla DSC04329

Our quaint B&B in Venice, had extremely easy access to the island. We had our own room, a shared bathroom, and a community kitchen.

Our Windsor, England B&B was walking distance to the main city area. Our room, which we had to ourselves, was actually a converted garage. See it on the left side in back of the parked car?

Finally, back in the United States, I stayed at this B&B house in Savannah, Georgia with my cousins. We had the whole two bedroom house to ourselves.
Savannah DSC06256

If you are looking for interesting places to stay and want to be out of the hotel scene, I would highly recommend checking out airbnb.com.

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I was not compensated in any way for mentioning airbnb. I just like the website and services. 🙂