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Well, I am back at it. I have really missed Ani’s Raw meals and need to lose some weight AGAIN, so I will be eating raw for the next five days.

I am looking so looking forward to this week’s food. I have all the grocery shopping done and spent last night slicing, dicing, and preparing today’s food. Well, not too much slicing and dicing as I mix it all up in my Vitamix.

I am feeling positive about this next week. When I choose a program to follow, I am very good at following it. I do not plan to have caffeine, gluten, meat, sugar, or dairy this week. I predict that this week will be a success. Hoping so…

Today’s Menu is:

Blueberry Blast Shake
Pineapple Green Shake
Bok Choy Soup
Ginger Soup
Tomato Bisque

Sadly, as you will see if you visit my first time around, I weigh more today than I did back then.  I am totally a chocolate binger, which remains to be my sad excuse.

Blueberry Blast, Pineapple Green, Spicy Bok Choy

Blueberry Blast, Pineapple Green, Spicy Bok Choy

Today’s weight: 154.5#   Yike-ERS!

Is anyone in with me?

Update: I think I may be over some of these shakes.  

Blueberry Blast: I seem to recall that it got globby last time; it was like coagulated this morning. Ewwww… I put in the the blender again and that took care of it.

Pineapple Green Shake: I used my personal blender (not the Vitamix) so this ended up with small pieces of kale (almost like confetti) in it. I having to chew my drink and pick kale out of my teeth.  No thanks.

Spicy Bok Choy Soup: I usually love this soup and have made it several times. It was okay today. I may, or may not, make this again.

Ginger Soup: I think this soup needed salt.  I made a double batch and added salt to the second serving of soup I made for lunch tomorrow. I forced this down today, so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.  Here’s to hoping that I don’t opt for for a Cliff Bar instead.