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Check out yesterday’s post see the details of how Day 2 turned out. If I was giving out stars, yesterday deserved one, whereas, Day 1 did not. Maybe it was just my mood. Maybe I was just mad at myself for having to do this yet AGAIN.

I was not feeling hungry when I went to bed last night, nor was I hungry this morning. Yay! That means I am getting enough food.  No cravings either.  Double yay!

Today’s Menu:

Pina Colada Shake
Pear Power Shake
Spicy Avocado Soup Tomato Bisque
Curry Coconut Soup
Soup/Shake (Undecided)

Pear Power Shake, Pina Colada Shake

Pear Power Shake, Pina Colada Shake

Tomato Bisque, Curry Coconut Soup

Tomato Bisque, Curry Coconut Soup

Here’s to hoping for a good day. The last time I did this, I was so over the liquid food by Day 3. I am curious to see how today goes compared to last time around.

Today’s Weight: 151.5# (down 1# since yesterday, 3# overall)

Wow! I like this weight loss. It is very motivating to continue on.  Besides the recipes, this is why I love Ani Phyo’s program. Is it water weight that I am losing? Or fat? I do not know. I just know it is going away, for now…


It was another good day today; I really enjoyed all of my food. I am still free of dairy, meat, gluten, caffeine, sugar, and chocolate. I don’t even have a craving for it.  I even skipped from partaking in Donut Wednesday at work, and I do love my chocolate covered old fashioned donuts.

I did not mind the whole liquid diet this time around. Last time, by day three, I could hardly wait to actually chew some food.  I don’t feel that way this time.

Pina Colada Shake: I loved it as much this morning as I did last night. So much so, I had this for dinner tonight too.

Pear Power: I didn’t have kale so I subbed spinach. The drink was just okay. If I remember back to the summer, I think I enjoyed more then. 

Tomato Bisque: This was a substitution from the Spicy Avocado Soup. I have too bad of a memory of this soup that last time I made it for Day 3.  I made the Tomato Bisque chunkier this time and liked this better than being made completely smooth. This was excellent today.

Curry Coconut: This was the BEST! The lemon in this just made it taste so good.