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Check out the results of Day 3 by clicking here. I am feeling good today. My stomach is flatter; I like that. I am excited to see where I end up at the end of the week.

Today’s Menu:

Ginger Mango Smoothie
Strawberry Mint Shake
Easy Being Green Salad (Yay! I get to chew today.)
Red Pepper Soup
Dinner is undecided (I’m seeing a pattern here.)

Red Pepper Soup, Strawberry Mint Shake, Ginger Mango Shake

Red Pepper Soup, Strawberry Mint Shake, Ginger Mango Shake

Easy Being Green Salad. YUM!

Easy Being Green Salad. YUM!

Today’s Weight: 151.5# Same as yesterday. I’ll take it!

What is your plan for the day?


Ginger Mango Shake: I was hoping to make two servings of this last night but it only produced one serving. I used two mangoes and doubled the recipe, but only one serving. This morning, while I was sucking down this very thick drink, it dawned on me that I should have added more water to thin it down. Oh well, next time.

Strawberry Mint Shake: I was getting a little crabby this morning and really craving some chocolate or something sweet. I drank this and it did the trick.

Easy Being Green Salad: This is one of my favorite salads; I eat it often. Who would have thought that sauerkraut and no dressing would make a salad excellent, but it does. 

Red Pepper Soup: I saved this soup for dinner because I was still craving something sweet and something chewable (I was thinking of a Lara Bar, but never did eat it). I just wasn’t feeling the love for more liquid this afternoon so I brought it home and shared it with my husband (who loved it).

Crispy Kale: This is what I had for dinner with the above mentioned soup. I had tons of kale left over that needed to be used, so into the oven it went. I know this was no longer raw, but it was kale and it did have nutritional yeast on it. It was excellent, as usual. I ended the evening with a hot cup of herbal tea.