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Change: This was a tough challenge for me…again. How do you photograph change? Do you go for the seasons, growing children, sprouting flowers? Do you go for self pics and the changes in looks over the years? I couldn’t do any of these. Instead, I decided to go with what has truly changed my life, which happens to be a person and her book.Marilu and Jill Cruise

This $2.00 book literally changed my life (back in the year 2000). I was needing to lose some weight and happened to attend my neighbor’s garage sale. I noticed a book there called, “Total Health Makeover” written by Marilu Henner. I was never an avid Taxi watcher so I wasn’t that in tune with who Marilu was (sorry, Marilu :)). The book intrigued me because it had the menus and recipes all neatly laid out and all I needed to do was follow the directions.

I bought the book and totally read it in one weekend, mostly out loud to my husband and (then) eight year old daughter. I thought, “I can do this,” and immediately started making changes to my diet. I joined Marilu’s community website and found tons of support. Marilu has taught me about new foods, how to prepare them and when to eat them. Through her on-line classes, she has challenged me to learn more about myself and to grow emotionally. Over the past thirteen years, I have met Marilu and many of the Marilu community members, spent weekend SPArty time with my new friends, cruised with them, and have coached some classes at marilu.com. I am even VERY honored to have been quoted in two of her books. How cool is that?

Yes, I would say that Marilu and my $2.00 investment in her book has totally changed my life.MariluClick here to find out how to participate in these photo challenges.

What are your life-changers?